Fashion District NW has put together an experienced team of instructors to help educate and mentor models. They not only have years of experience but are still actively in the industry.  

Michelle Green

Michelle Green has been in the modeling industry for eleven years. She is currently signed with Heffner Management in Seattle. In the past, she has been signed with agencies in California, Thailand, and Singapore. She has walked in hundreds of fashion shows including Eco Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week and Seattle Fashion Week. Michelle spent a year modeling full time in southeast Asia where she worked in print, catalog, runway, and TV. While there she modeled for Nivea, Lenovo, Laliz, Thea by Thara, Vassalinee, Fashion Destination on Tour, Kuron, Zalora and many more clients.

Michelle also has experience working behind the scenes as a backstage manager and model coordinator for Seattle Fashion Week, Eco Fashion Week and Runway to Freedom. She now works for Fashion District NW as the backstage manager.

Her passion for this work is in facilitating an ideal work environment for models and educating producers on how to work effectively in this matter.

Michelle holds Ville Magazine's "Fashion Model of the Year 2016" title.

Raven West

Raven West has been in the modeling industry for 15 years. She is currently signed with Sports Lifestyle Unlimited out of Portland. She has walked in many top fashion shows throughout the northwest including; Seattle Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Portland Fashion Week, and Metropolitan Fashion Week. She has also worked with top world-renowned photographers. Some including, Art Wolf and Matthew Jordan Smith from Americas Next Top Model. She also trained in the Yohanna House from Americas Next Top Model. She was given the award for the best new model from AC Model in Talent her first year signed.

Raven also owns the TOP MODEL BOOTCAMP, which is a week long modeling camp over the summer. She has also been working behind the scenes as a model coach and runway coordinator for over 5 years and currently serves as the Runway Coordinator for Fashion District NW.

During the school year, Raven works as a teacher for the Bethel School District. 

Raven is passionate about helping models grow in this industry, as it is her hope to motivate, inspire and cultivate others passions for modeling.

David M. Bailey

David is the founder of Fashion District NW, he provided a different perspective for the MODELING Workshops as his experience comes from being a fashion photographers for over 10 years and from producing multiple fashion show including; the Couture & Cars Fashion Show and Seattle Fashion Week. 

David has his teaching degree from Pacific Lutheran University, so he feels right at teaching kids. 

As a fashion photographers he has experience working with models completely new to the industry, as well as experienced agency models. To see David's photography please go to

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